Intraoral Scanning

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Intraoral scanning is used in several procedures of dentistry in order to make our diagnostic process more efficient. Advancements in dental technology have come a long way, and intraoral scanning has helped us improve our methods of making your visit run smoothly.

What is Intraoral Scanning?

Intraoral scanning allows us to take digital impressions of your teeth, which then renders 3D images for us to view any occlusal issues with more clarity. Not only will this be more comfortable for you than taking a physical impression with a mold, but this is also healthier, eliminating the possibility of any mold material remaining in your mouth.

Benefits of Intraoral Scanning

Intraoral scanning is painless and easy, and most of all, it’s accurate! We will also be able to save these images as part of your patient record, available for your own use, as well as for your insurance provider. If you have any questions about the uses of intraoral scanning, feel free to reach out to us!

Are You Looking for Intraoral Scanning in Orange Park, FL?

We use the latest advancements in dental technology in order to straighten your teeth. If you would like to learn more about intraoral scanning at Gardner Orthodontics, contact our Orange Park office today at 904-802-0767.

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